Adorned with the exquisite scenery of falling snow fringed with pine trees, The Kedarkantha Peak is one of India’s most sought after snow trekking destinations. It creates a mesmerizing pictorial view with the snow falling. Covering a close distance of just 20 km, the trail is considered moderate, making it easy for first-timers to witness this enthralling trek. This trek has all the delightful marvels, from the captivating sights of the snow-capped Himalayas, verdant greenery, lush landscapes, never-ending collection of flora, frozen ponds to the views of mesmerizing peaks that a trekker can imagine.

The Kedarkantha Trek is for adventure seekers and an ideal destination for not-so-experienced nature lovers who wish to bask in the beauty of this peaceful abode of god.

Based in Western Garhwal of the Uttarakashi district, the Kedarkantha Trek is known for being on the more accessible side among all Himalayan treks; hence can be experienced by amateurs to professional trekkers. However, physical fitness is a requirement; one should jog at least 4 km in 30 minutes before committing to the trekking tour. It might become difficult for some people as the altitude rises. Moreover, carrying a backpack to such a height becomes difficult without proper physical fitness.

Trekking in Uttarakhand is always a memorable experience because of its enchanting beauty and panoramic natural views that remain unmatched by any other famous destination in the country. Not just that, there are a plethora of reasons why the kedarkantha trek is so popular among adventure seekers. The availability of snow till the end of April is a plus point that makes it one of the best winter trek destinations. The popularity of the unique campsites here counts as another reason. Walking over brown dried leaves in a dense pine forest is another incredible and memorable experience. One gets to witness the breathtaking views of the famous snow-capped mountain summits as soon as one steps over in kedarkantha base. The view gets even more astounding with every step ahead.

Though the Kedarkantha trek remains accessible throughout the year, the most astonishing views can only be captured by your eyes from December to April. The snowy trekking trails and multiple layers of snow at the base of the pine trees are worth the trek but can only be savoured during the winter

days. It is also advised to avoid this trek during the monsoons.

About the trek

The journey for the beautiful Kedarkantha peak commences from the city of Dehradun. From Dehradun, it’s a long drive to Sankri, located at an altitude of 6400 feet and takes about 10 hours to reach. It’s a distance of 220 km from Dehradun. The trekking trip starts from Sankri the next day towards Jadu Ka Talab, which is based at 9100 feet and takes about 5 hours trekking to reach the destination. During this trail, one can experience the beauty of lush meadows, dense pine forests, cascading beautiful streams, and gorgeous maple trees. Here is the first campsite where the trekkers need to stay in tents. From Jadu ka Talab on the following day, one needs to trek up to 11,250 feet towards the Kedarkantha base, which is again a distance of approximately 4.5 km. In this trail, the trekkers pass through lush meadows and, for the first time, catch the view of multiple snow-capped peaks standing tall, encircling the location. The next destination is the Kedarkantha peak which is based at the height of 12,500 feet, and this trail can be a little challenging compared to others. However, the views of the fascinating Himalayas make it up for all the hard work with its breathtaking views. On conquering the peak, it’s a journey back where the first stop would be at Horegaon camp at 8900 feet which can be reached on the same evening. The next day it’s a trail back to Sankri through dense pine forests. From Sankri, it’s a journey back to Dehradun and a way forward.

Kedarkantha Trek is one of the most fascinating and thrilling trekking tours of all time that lives up to your excitement but with limited challenges and in lesser time. It’s a weeklong tour and can be easily commuted through Dehradun, which is connected to all the country’s major cities. The tour is one of the least expensive trekking tours, giving you more reasons to consider this wondrous experience.