Why pick the Dassault built Falcon 50 for your next business trip? Well, would you like the ability to arrive in style, rested and relaxed, the option to work on route, the avoidance of commercial airline hassle? If so, and you want to get to your destination in an aerodynamically efficient jet, then this jet is an excellent choice.

Whether you are just flying across the country or headed across the ocean, this jet, with its 6,480 km (3,500 nautical miles) range can get you there fast, effectively and without the need to fly commercial.

Because it can safely take off and land on shorter runways, it is also the perfect choice for smaller, rural destinations that may just get you closer to your destination than flying into a busy international airport will afford you, thus cutting down on travel time once you exit the aircraft.

The Falcon 50 is different from other business jets because it is powered by a three-engine system with an S-duct central engine and a more advanced wing design than other models; more so even than its popular predecessor the 20 Twinjet. It boasts superior fuel economy and has lower emissions, which in turn make it an eco-friendly aircraft that fits in nicely with the growing ‘green’ movement.

The cabin is luxurious, roomy and comfortable, and can be customized however you wish with seating for up to nine. It has 115 cubic feet of baggage space giving plenty of room for all articles to be safely stowed and the full galley allows you meals, drinks and snacks on the go. The enclosed lavatory doubles as a changing room, especially important for long-haul flights when your team wants to arrive at the destination fresh and relaxed. Each seat boasts temperature controls, light and window shade controls and the electronic map controls all from a HD media center with wide screen and touch screen capabilities, or you can simply use your iPod or iPhone for these options as well with easy plug in abilities. Surround sound and large monitors make working en route an option and with the seating meetings can be easily conducted for working out those last minute details.

At a top speed of 915 km/hr., the Falcon 50 is an efficient jet capable of handling all of your business needs with flair. Everything has been though of to give you the comfort and productivity you have come to expect from Dassault business jets.