The Cessna built Citation Encore is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind and it doesn’t disappoint as a luxurious and high performing light business jet. Built as the ‘encore’ to the Citation Ultra, this plane is able to fly long distances and has no problem with shorter runways for take offs and landings. It easily reaches its cruising altitude of 37,000 feet in 13 minutes and because it can land at airports with shorter runways, it makes the ideal charter jet for your next out of town business trip.

With the simple wing design that Cessna is known for, the Citation Encore works to better displace the air flow, cut drag and increase speed, which can go up to 401 knots. The Pratt and Whitney turbofan engines give 3,400 lbs. of thrust and in so doing achieves a 16% more efficient fuel consumption, making this jet able to maintain low operating costs.

The Citation Encore has a newly designed airstair entry that makes navigating boarding in high heels that much easier and inside is a luxurious space that boats fully reclining seating for up to 8 passengers. It has the longest cabin on any private jet, coming in at 17′ 5″, and the seamless wall panels, indirect lighting and mirrors creatively make the cabin look a lot larger than it really is. Each passenger has an individual flat panel entertainment system, audio jacks, power outlets and Magna Star 200 radio phones for their on board pleasure, or for working while inflight. There is also an enclosed lavatory and individual temperature controls between the cabin and cockpit, so everyone remains comfortable throughout the flight.

With an exterior storage space of 43 cubic feet and an interior baggage space of an additional 28 cubic feet, you have plenty of space for any article you wish to take on the trip, and with a range of 1,700 nautical miles, this jet will not only get you there in comfort and style, but is able to get you to destinations further afield than other planes.

Avoid long lines for security checks and get closer to your final destination since this plane can land almost anywhere; there is no need to go commercial and no need to try to navigate the busy major airports at both ends. Ride in comfort and style when you choose to charter this incredible aircraft, the Cessna built Citation Encore.