If you are looking for a small aircraft that is big on comfort for your next business trip, look no further than the Beechcraft King Air 90. This twin-engine turbo prop aircraft can fly farther and higher than its piston engine competitors, meaning you can get where you are going faster and with less hassle than ever before. The turbo prop plane makes it easy to get to smaller airports that may be closer to your final destination than using the huge, crowded airports found in large cities. It can land on shorter runways with no difficulty and needs less room to take off, making it efficient both in the air and on the ground. This aircraft performs well on wet runways or in climates that are hot or at high altitudes, making it a great choice for many varied destinations. With a 1,264 nautical mile range and a top speed of 256 knots, this plane will get you to that meeting or conference in another state quickly and effectively. Its improved climb rate makes reaching your cruising altitude a shorter experience and also makes the plane that much more fuel efficient.

With comfortable seating for six, the Beechcraft King Air 90 boasts leather seats that swivel and recline, making a working flight possible. Pull out tables, cabinets for refreshments and an accessible baggage area mean that you are never without that needed file or piece of equipment en route. The large windows allow light to enter and the fresh air outlets will ensure that you arrive refreshed and ready to take on your day.

The Beechcraft King Air 90 has been redesigned from its predecessors to have larger headroom and shoulder room space making it a comfortable trip for all in the party. It has been specifically engineered to be quiet while in the air and as the seats swivel, you can make groupings for conversations more easily than you could with standard seats on other aircraft. All of these innovations allow you to choose a productive flight or one where you simply relax in the comfort of the seats as you cruise to your destination.

Beechcraft has over 45 years of aviation experience behind them and make quality products that meet or exceed expectations of the business traveller. Their continued attention to detail and expertise in what businesses want from a charter aircraft work in concert to create the fleet of amazing planes that they offer.