If you’re planning a vacation with your family, you should seriously consider staying in a vacation home instead of a hotel. Many families who have stayed in a vacation home will tell you it’s the smartest move they’ve ever made.

Very popular in Europe and Canada, vacation homes have been vastly underused in the US. Perhaps because vacation homes lack the big ad and promotion budgets that huge hotel chains have. Even so, many families in the US are increasingly opting to stay in a vacation home.

Large Home Away from Home

Unlike a hotel or motel, most vacation homes provide the look and feel of a real home. They offer large family and living rooms where families can spread out. They also have plenty of bedrooms, many with bunk beds, and multiple bathrooms, things families need. This allows families to add friends and in-laws to vacation with them without going over budget. In cases like these, friends and families can spread out without being confined in a single room or cramped in a bedroom or two. When the cost is split among many, you end up paying less per square foot than multiple hotel rooms.

Saving on Meals

Feeding a family while on vacation can quickly become expensive when staying in a hotel. Paying for three square meals a day in a hotel restaurant, or even a less expensive restaurant outside of the hotel can quickly drain a family’s vacation budget. Vacation homes have fully equipped kitchens with modern appliances, so preparing meals is easy and fun. What’s more, families can eat the kinds of healthy, nutritious meals that cater to their specific dietary needs. This is often impossible in hotel restaurants or other eateries. Most homes come fully stocked with all the utensils, linens and paper goods families need. Some even have a few basic nonperishable food items, such as cooking oil and seasonings. And one thing families can’t do in a hotel and motel is have a good old fashioned barbeque in the privacy of a backyard dedicated to them.

Lots of Entertainment and Connectivity Options

Many vacation homes have giant screen, smart TVs, gaming systems, DVD players, Foosball and Netflix. There’s also Wi-Fi access for smartphones, tablets and laptops. These connectivity options provide today’s families with ample information and entertainment options for all ages. In short, these homes keep kids, teens and parents entertained-the very things families need after a day of vacationing, sight seeing, and going on rides and adventures.