Today’s conventioneers are increasingly opting to stay in vacation homes instead of hotels/motels. The reasons are varied, but most business and corporate travelers prefer the accommodations and at-home amenities of vacation homes.

Alternative to Crowded, Cramped Hotels

Today’s vacation homes combine spacious luxury and functional practicality. They offer more rooms and more room per room-far more than a hotel or motel for the same price. Most typically have four and five bedrooms with 2.5 to 3 bathrooms. This allows a small group or sales team to spread out and prepare for that upcoming seminar, meeting or presentation. The homes also feature the latest connectivity tools-like high-speed Internet and WiFi.

Close to Major Convention Centers

Most vacation homes are conveniently located to today’s most popular convention centers. Being just minutes away from convention activities saves teams and groups local travel time. If they’re not within walking distance, many homes are conveniently situated near public transportation, or vans and shuttles operated by the convention center.

More Economical for Small Teams, Groups

When small teams or groups of conventioneers stay in a hotel or motel, costs can quickly skyrocket. Pricey suites with separate rooms can quickly drain needed conventioneer funds. Vacation homes, on the other hand, provide a single, lower rate for the entire group to keep costs under control. Meal expenses can quickly spin out of control as well, especially when every member of the team or group eats in a hotel/motel or in an offsite restaurant. Most vacation homes feature gourmet kitchens with stainless steel appliances-including dishwasher, fridge, microwave and double oven, pots, pans, tableware and more-so everyone on the team can eat three square meals a day. Making these homes even more economical, many also come with a washing machine and dryer to save on laundry costs. Some homes even offer housekeeper services.

Full Range of Entertainment Options

Conventioneers can relax in a vacation home. Besides elegant, spacious living areas, most homes feature giant screen TVs, video game consoles, board games, poker and foosball tables. The homes also have a fireplace and air conditioning to ensure year-around comfort. And they have totally private, gated pools and relaxing spas or hot tubs for the exclusive use of the group-no sharing these amenities with strangers.

Private BBQs, Pools & Spas Create an Esprit de Crops

The private nature of a vacation home can help build a conventioneer team’s esprit de corps. Most homes feature a BBQ and roomy patio overlooking a sparkling pool and spa, plus a large outdoor dining table with comfortable seating for the entire team.